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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Jasmine Denton Interview

Thank you for taking the time to be here with us today. We are very excited about your visit and learning more about you, your writing and your books.

Thank you for having me! I’m excited to be here :)

Becoming a published writer is a huge goal, when did you realize that that is what you wanted to do? 

I was ten when I started writing with the dream of being published, and then eighteen when I started pursuing publication.

How long did it take you to get published?

 Four years, which in hindsight, isn’t very long considering the nature of this business. At the time though, it seemed like it took forever.

Has another author or book inspired you write a specific genre? 

Yes, L.J Smith and Alyson Noel both inspired me to write in the paranormal genres.

What are your favorite and least favorite genres to both write and read?

I love a good book with a paranormal element. I don’t really have a least favorite, but there are genres I’m not interested in, such as chick lit and apocalyptic.

How important would you say that being a reader is to being a writer? 

I’d say it’s crucial. Could you teach Driver’s Ed if you’ve never driven a car? By reading, you get to a) support other authors b) learn new techniques c) increase your vocabulary and d) stimulate your imagination. Not to mention, reading’s fun :)

Do you review books? 

Not yet, but I have been considering volunteering at a few review sites/blogs I’ve come across.

I know that many authors today utilize other authors while they are writing their books as critique partners. What is your process for editing your books? 

Most of the time, I edit a manuscript as I go and then hand it over to my sister, who is also a writer, or another close writer-friend of mine for feedback.

Are you a part of a critique group? 

Unfortunately, no.

Where do you draw your inspiration to write from? 

All over. Books, TV shows, spooky ghost stories and folklore. Mostly I draw from folklore.

Do you listen to music while writing? 

Yes, I find it soothing.

What kinds of music is the most helpful to you when writing? 

It depends on the book. If I’m writing horror, I listen to creepy instrumental but if it’s a romance, I’ll have some Skillet and Taylor Swift, and Plumb is a must for any book.

Has writing gotten easier for you now that you are published? 

Good question. Hmm....at first, it made things a lot easier. I turned in somewhere around four or five books within six months (one of them was coauthored) but after a certain point, things got a lot harder. I started thinking, “man, my publisher’s really going to get sick of hearing about these books” LOL. I’ve been in kind a rough patch as far as writing goes, I have three or four open projects that aren’t going anywhere. I’ve decided to focus on my Curse of the Sea series for now and keep working on that until it’s finished.

How long does it generally take you to write a book?

If things go well and my muse loves me and I pull 12-20 hour shifts, I can complete a first draft in three weeks to a month. If things go rocky, it can take up to a year, but that’s usually if I’m not working on it every day.

What was your inspiration to write Saving Hannah

My publishers love for its prequel, Inner Demons. That, and I just fell in love with the main character, Caine, and wanted to give his love interest her own story that revolved around her more than him. Hannah was a character from Inner Demons that I wanted to develop more.

Is there a book trailer for your books? 

Yes, you can find it on my YouTube channel. www.youtube.com/jasmineldenton

How much research if any did you put into writing Saving Hannah

Not much, actually. In this book, a main character is released from jail so all I needed to research was that process and the charges he faced.

Do you believe that the setting of your books was as vital in the telling of your stories as the characters themselves were? 

Absolutely. If you play your cards right, the setting itself becomes a character. You can use it to mirror or contrast the characters and the situations they’re in. That’s something I enjoy doing. I always put a lot of work into my settings; it’s one of my favorite parts of writing.

Without giving away any spoilers, what would you say was the most challenging part of Saving Hannah to write? 

Getting Hannah to open up to Caine again. I don’t want to give away too much, but in Inner Demons, Hannah was sort of...burned, I guess is the word. And now, she has trouble trusting him and wants nothing to do with him, even though she needs his help now more than ever.

What was your favorite part of Saving Hannah to write? 

Again, it’s tricky not to give away spoilers, but I’d say the best part was having Caine released from jail and return to Tree Hollow. In Inner Demons, Caine was a very angry young man, and when he loses his temper, he shape-shifts into a monster (think the Hulk, I guess, even though I’ve never seen/read about him). In Saving Hannah, Caine has his temper under control and he’s the level-headed, well-adjusted character. It was fun. I didn’t realize how strong he could be until I gave him the chance. (:

I search through babynames.com and a book on baby names until I find something I like. Usually the meaning of the name has a lot to do with why I choose it.

How much input do you have in the cover art of your books? 

I have a lot of input if I need to give it, but most of the time, I don’t. Karen Fuller is very good at designing the covers. I think the most changes I’ve asked for have been for the fonts.

Would you like to share any news with our readers about any upcoming books or projects? 

Yes, actually. The second book in the From the Damage miniseries, Coming Clean, will be out this October. The series is coauthored with my sister, Genna Denton and revolves around six teenagers who’re forced into group therapy together. Chaos, drama and romance ensue on their path to mental health. And of course, there’s an everlasting friendship formed between the members and their troubled counselor.

Which of your two most recent books would you say was your favorite to write and why? 

First one is Soul of the Sea, because I was able to create a supernatural race of merman-like undead creatures and that was really fun. Also, because it’s the start of a series and I have a lot of exciting things planned for it. And the second, I’ll have to say Coming Clean because those characters are developing nicely and taking on lives of their own. It’s always fun to see a book do that.

Are there more books in the Inner Demons series planned? 

As of now, no, but I wouldn’t be opposed to coming back to the characters again. I’d like to finish up my other two series (Curse of the Sea and From the Damage) first though.

How can readers relate to your characters? 

I try to make my characters well-rounded. They don’t always make the right decisions, but deep down there’s something good and pure about them. In the Inner Demons series, it’s Caine’s resilience and Hannah’s faith. In Soul of the Sea, it’s Mykaela’s determination to make her town a better place. My From the Damage series is full of flawed characters, but at the end of the day, they’re always there for each other.

What if anything do you want readers to take away from Saving Hannah after having read it? 

Everybody deserves forgiveness, even if they’ve done horrible things.

Readers are always looking for signed swag. Do you have any bookplates or bookmarks that they can inquire about?

I wish. As of now, I’m all out of singed swag, but I can give away some e-books. I’ve got two copies of Soul of the Sea and Saving Hannah that I’d love to put into the hands of some readers. Haven’t read Inner Demons yet? That’s okay, because I’ve got a copy of that one, too. (:

We already know that writing is a great love of yours, can you tell us more about your other hobbies and interest? 

You mean there’s more to life than writing (: Who knew? LOL

What is the name of the one book that you love so entirely that you believe that everyone should read it? 

The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton

Have you come across an author recently that you feel that the rest of us book lovers should keep an eye out for? 

This might sound kind of cheesy because she’s my sister, but Genna Denton is showing a lot of talent and potential. She’s been writing her first novel on her own and it’s really good, I can’t wait to finish reading it.

Where can readers purchase a copy of Saving Hannah (and your other books)?

They’re available wherever books are sold, and on the publisher’s website. www.worldcastlepublishing.com

What format are your books sold in? 

Paperback and eBook.

Where can readers get in touch with or follow you?
Blog: jasmineldenton.wordpress.com
Twitter: @jasmineldenton
email: jasmineldenton@gmail.com
Website: jasminedenton.webs.com

Are you willing to be contacted by other bloggers about interviews or guest posts? 

Absolutely! I love doing interviews.

Can other bloggers contact you about hosting giveaways on their blogs? 


Do you have a link to a "frequently asked questions" page? 

Not yet.

Aside from marriage proposals, are there any types of questions that you will not answer for readers? 

Haha. No, there’s nothing I wouldn’t answer.

And lastly, a question for fun. Why is the sky blue? 

Haha. Cuz green would look weird (:

Do you as an author have any questions for our readers? 

Yes. What makes you call a book your ‘favorite’?

Thank you for the great interview. It was very fun for you to visit, and thank you for  your very generous eBook giveaways!

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