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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Across The Universe


The President called it the "epitome of the American Dream." 
     Daddy called it the "unholy alliance of the of business and government."
     But all it really was, was America giving up.  Bailing out in order to join the Financial Resource Exchange.  A multinational alliance focused on one thing:  profit.  Fund global medical care to monopolize vaccines. Back unified currency to collect planet-wide interest. 
     And provide the resources need for a select group of scientists and military personnel to embark on the first trip across the universe in a quest to find more natural resources-more profit.
     The answers to my parents' dreams.
     And my worst nightmare.

~~~~~~~~~~~~An exerpt from Chapter 3 of Across the Universe

This is the story of Amy, the daughter of a battlefield analyst and a genetic crop splicer.  Amy and her parents are cryogenically frozen passengers aboard "Godspeed", the FRX ship travelling across the universe to a new planet.  The journey will take 300 years and be run by generations of people born aboard the ship to get "Godspeed" and it's passengers to the new world.  It has been 250 years and things are going as scheduled, until someone tries to kill Amy by unplugging her cryo unit and leaving her to drown in the melting cryo fluid.  Now she must find out who and why.

Elder is next in line to take over command of "Godspeed".  Someone has tried to kill one of the passengers and he must prevent them from doing it again. 

*****This book was a bit of a slow read.  The story was well thought out and took time to unfold in some sections and then very predictable because of it. I found that I knew who the main suspect would be at the moment that they were introduced into the story. For me that just guarantees that the story will be a slower read. 

The characters all had unique personalities that I was able to picture easily with Beth's descriptions.  I wish that more description was given the the scenery and surroundings of the ship.  I believe that it would have helped the unfolding of the story go by much quicker. 

In the last ten or so chapters of the book is where I was glued to it.  Beth ties all of the strings together to confirm all of my assumptions from the story.  I was happy with the coming together of all of the pieces.  There was a piece of the story that I did not catch or expect at the end which both left me smiling and questioning at the same time.  I can tell you that I think it could have been delivered differently. 

All in all this book was not a nail biting experience, but one that I am glad that I read to say that I did. I will give it 4 out of 5 stars.  

Until next time,

After the Book

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